Dear trawler enthusiasts,

We have just finished with our biggest local boat show Internautica 2011, where once again we have exhibited our stock Selene 53-94. We can clearly say that the show has been successful and based on that we are proud to say, that “trawlers” are definitely a kind of news, which will be carried on for good. At the moment we are preparing latest news in form of detailed description of our newly delivered Selene 54-98, which is moored on Adriatic. In the mean time we are sending you two very interesting web pages, where you can find very good stories about two Selene owners; first one is sailing around the world, second one is momentarily cruising all over Mediterranean.

1. http://www.furthur.talkspot.com/

On upper link you can check reports, pictures and movies about experienced skipper Brain Calvert, who is sailing around the world with his Selene 48.

On the link below you can check numerous reports made by skipper David Brown, who already made several interesting journeys with his Selene 59 (from year 2009). His sailing history is quite extensive; as already mentioned, this year’s destination is Mediterranean.

2. http://www.myselene59.com/aspx/m/463582

We wish you a lot of joy with reading articles. We are pretty sure, that you will immediately realize how Selene is not just a ship; it is a way of life as well.

For any kind of questions or requests, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you and kind regards,

Peter Ravnik