Two Service Managers Visited JTM at the Same Time

Ben Bennington, the service manager of Selene New Zealand & Ian Morris, the service manager of Selene Annapolis, visited Jet-Tern Marine at the same time.

This is probably the first time that JTM has two service managers from the dealers working together at the yard. Both of them have held a QC meeting with our QC department and foremen.

At meeting, they presented the photos and lectures for us. Howard Chen, the CEO of JTM, engaging in the quality improvement and warranty prevention has also attended the meeting.

Besides, these two have inspected their boats thoroughly; they were working together with JTM’s QC engineers & project managers to go through the Check List & spec. / layout. Selene New Zealand has 4340, 5587, 5364 under construction, while Selene Annapolis has 5393, 5570, 4737, 5388 & 5917 that are being built in Dong Guan and Zhuhai shipyards.

Ian then went to Zhuhai with Howard after finishing his inspection in Dong Guan shipyard. He checked 5917 there with the project manager Candy. Afterwards, he received a TV interview from Zhuhai TV Station, he seemed to be of a little bit stage fright… but it turns out to be a very successful TV program.

At Dong Guan shipyard, Ben had a final inspection for Selene 4340 which is nearly completed and scheduled to be shipped out on Nov. 8th. This will be the 5th boat that JTM has delivered to NZ. According to Ben’s observation, 4340 is the best boat so far that Selene NZ has ever received. This is a compliment for JTM’s QC system. And we believe, with the help and involvement of the dealers’ service managers, Jet-Tern Marine & Selene will keep rising up the bar of quality. Ben will have a long stay in China for almost three weeks, maybe apart from the work, he also enjoys very much the Chinese food.