Two Selene In The Test Pool

We at Jet Tern Marine are happy to report that even in the face of the "Global financial crisis," the effect on our world famous brand "Selene Ocean Trawlers", has been hitting the yacht industry, but for the Jet Tern Marine controlled to the minimum level. JTM still keeps on carrying on their busy daily work and our yacht building team keeps diligently doing an excellent job.

Two Selene Trawlers have just been launched into the test pool; they are Selene- 5592 & Selene- 4834 agented by Mark Halvorsen & Selene Europe respectively. Both boats have the newly designed "Cruiser Stern." The 48' is the new DH version which boasts an impressive engine room.

The testing is now being done by JTM's QC Team for the many systems that need to be checked in the water. They include the engine running under load with vibration and noise test. Numerous systems are checked and rechecked for proper operation. We also check for trim with calculated loading and give a stability test.

The two boats will stay in the pool for one week for this serious inspection. After we have tested the yacht and proven the systems, they are scheduled for delivery to the new owners so they can enjoy their new Selene Trawler.

Thank you to the new owners and the excellent service provided by Halvorsen Marine and Selene Europe.