Two New Selene-54 in the Test Pool

Two New Selene-54 are being tested in the pool of JTM DongGuan shipyard.

Selene-5497 & 5498 are laying in the testing pool for the final inspection and touch up. Both will be shipped to European clients within a month, the newest Selene-54 version has inheritated the sucess of the legendary Selene-53 with over 100 yachts built in the last 10 years.

Many features have evoluted from the original design...
(1) The Cruiser Stern ... It will provide longer water line and reduce the drag, adequate displacement to support the dinghy weight. Longer hull will has a higher hull speed & slow down the pitching moment.
(2) Deep Hull ... Will provide additional bouyancy to support the displacement from the enlarged fuel capacity. More over, a taller headroom in E/R for the convenience of service. 5'-7" headroom is at the entrance of E/R, this creates a very " serviceable" environment.
(3) Propeller Pocket ... The recessed propeller pocket will allow a lower draft ( about the same draft as the original Selene-53 ) & a less shaft angle which provides a better propulsion efficiency.
(4) Enlarged Fuel Capacity ... The fuel capacity is increased from 1300 USG to 1500 USG, this also increases the cruising range about 10%.
(5) Curved Transom ... The optional curved transom w/ built-in settee has been used on the larger Selene series. This optional item has now been applied on the new Selene-54 and creates a very cozy atmosphere there. Note there are two optional capstans with FRP lid on the bother side of transom.
(6) S/S post ... These two optional S/S posts have been also used for larger Selene. It is not only to provide the structural support for the overhang deck, but also accommodate the stand pipe of the davit, thus the dinghy will be able to be launched to portside or transom.

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