Two Boats Did Their Sea Trials On The Same Day

On Oct. 29th, 2008, Jet-Tern Marine’s Zhuhai shipyard had two successful sea trials for Selene 5910 & Selene 6216 on the same day, which is a rare & exciting experience for all of us.

The two sea trials were attended by the customers: Mr. & Mrs. Trevor and Yvonne Wadland (the highly involved clients of Selene 5910) who came specially from Australia as well as the dealer, Mark Halvorson, president of Selene Australian yachts. Also on board were prospect customers, professional marine surveyor, Ben Bennington & Gary Erceg, president of Selene New Zealand as well as Captain of Selene 6216 from Azerbaijan. Over hours of trials, many members of the Selene Zhuhai team who were involved in the layout, engineering, construction, and quality control were brought to the boat. At many times as many as 30 people were aboard but the two large yachts never felt crowded.

The sea trials purpose was to test the boats performances in many different conditions. The results were all excellent. The boats were smooth running and quite fast averaging around 10.5 knots (Selene 5910) & 12 knots (Selene 6216). They were very quiet at all speeds, and all the components went well with the boats were in motion. The new standard power steering made the yachts very responsive to the helmsmen, and both the owners and the dealers tried them and were very impressed.

Selene 5910 & Selene 6216 were extensively modified inside, with the owners working constantly with Candy Wong, the Project Manager from Jet Tern’s Zhuhai shipyard, and with their dealers. The galley and salon area are quite open and bright. The results are two of the most beautiful, elegant, yet practical Selene has ever built. The pilothouse settee and table have been elevated to improve visibility for all who are cruising aboard. The lazarettos are laid out perfectly for equipment storage, and many spare parts and supplies. The two sea trials were much enjoyed & highly appreciated by their owners & dealers.

Selene 5910 & Selene 6216 will be shipped to their owners next month, and we believe they then will offer a fantastic time to their owners with sincere wishes from JTM.

Selene 6216 Photos:

Selene 5910 Photos: