The Introduction of An Integrated Cruiser Stern on Selene-36/40

Exciting news from the continuous design improvement at Jet-Tern Marine… A new “Cruiser Stern” has been built on Selene-36/40. Selene-3631 is the second boat fitted with this new stern design with the first one already being delivered to our Russia dealer in the earlier part of 2009.

Selene-3631was tested at a marina nearby JTM’s Dongguan shipyard. From these water tests the cruiser stern increases the LWL and improves the boat trim ( by locating the additional ballast to the far end) .Other benefits include larger wet area storage and better maneuvering at the quarter wave and an overall increase in the boat’s displacement. These subtle improvements will ultimately enhance Selene-36/40’s offshore cruising performance.

A larger rudder has also been designed for this new boat providing better tracking course through the water due to the larger wetted surface area.Please refer to the attached photos for reference purposes and contact Daisy of Jet-Tern Marine for more information.