The First in the World to Now Have Owned Three Selenes!

Dear Howard,

Just 8 years ago, when I retired in 2002, Ginny and I embarked on a quest to find the perfect trawler to satisfy our dreams to cruise the inside passage north of the Canadian Gulf Islands. As former sailors we had decided to change to a trawler for the comfort and convenience it would give us in our leisure life.

We searched long and hard for just the ''right" boat. We had never heard of Solo or Selene when we went to Friday Harbor, after an almost 6 month search, looking and trying many many brands ranging from Krogens to Nordhavns to Grand Banks, to Nordic and American Tugs, Defevers , etc. etc.

We wanted to look at just one more boat in Friday Harbor before we were going to make an offer on a lovely used 1995 Grand Banks 42. While we were there looking at the other boat we glanced across the docks and saw this beautiful gorgeous yacht which we assumed was way beyond our budget. Nevertheless we had to go see it, and when we did we were shocked to hear the asking price. There just had to be something wrong.

The rest is history. After calling every Solo/Selene owner in the US, about the boat and Jet Tern we bit. Dick Johnson was particularly helpful in our research. We soon became the second owners of 4704. (You may remember that Tony Crane and his wife were the first to enjoy her).

Our maiden voyage, where we first met you, was the second annual Selene Rendezvous at Port Ludlow. Meeting you that weekend immediately reassured us that we had made the right decision even though Selene was still a relatively new brand working hard to establish its reputation, (not an easy task in the aftermath of the economic troubles following the 9/11 terrorist attack). Subsequently,we were extremely proud to see our Ina Marie, named by Ginny after my spirited mother, pictured in many Selene ads and in the Selene 47 Brochures.

Your wonderful 4704 fulfilled a dream for us which is still in progress. It was practically flawless during the time we owned her. We subsequently moved up to 5022 when Mark Tilden decided to buy his Selene 59. It like 4704 is beyond beautiful to us and has been wonderful and practically flawless. We believe the new owners of 4704, Ray Kube and Judy Vandever love the boat. Its name is now Turnpoint and I think they live aboard her in Seattle.

We are now older and entering the last phase of our cruising life. I have turned 70 and Ginny is now 68 years old. So several months ago we asked Andrew Trueblood and the Selene Seattle team to keep their eyes open for a smaller Selene. Two nice ones in the Pacific Northwest, sold this spring as we tried to find a buyer for 5022. (As you know we were also seriously considering Selene 3831 in China which recently went to New Zealand. We had a keen interest in her.) We looked at no other brands.

And now, why I am writing. We want you to be the first to know!

This morning, with Andrew's good help, we signed the final papers to become the owners of 2007 Selene 4025. We went all the way to Florida to find her and buy her. She is extremely well equipped and we are hoping that 4025 will be the perfect yacht for us to finish out our love of coastal cruising for the rest of our cruisng life, God willing that we remain in good health for a few more years.

We have named her the "GINNY C", which is my attempt to properly acknowledge and honor Ginny and her love for being on the water which Ginny has developed during our years of sailing but has, like her love of gardening, cultivated even more so during the years of our Selene ownership and cruising.

We are extremely proud to be the first in the world to now have owned three Selenes!! We sincerely hope that you are as equally happy and proud of this fact. We think it is quite remarkable that, you now have a three Selene owner in your records. This seems particularly significant considering the fact of your relatively short 12 year history of building these ever improving quality yachts for a great value.

I am sure you would be more proud if we had purchased new Selenes but it just couldn't be done within our budgets and in terms of the build out time frames we faced during all the time you were growing and expanding so fast with such a significant backlog.

Ginny and I never thought we would do this again- -own two boats at the same time-- but we still own 5022. The fact that we are doing so is further testament that we have confidence in the reputation and quality of the Selene brand in the resale market.

Thus, we are confident that 5022 will find a good home with a new owner, not too far out in time, with the continued help of Andrew and Selene Seattle. (We have also known Tony Witek for several years and are very glad that you have brought him on board as part of your Seattle team--a huge improvement!)

I told you yesterday and today in my earlier emails that I was a real fan of yours and of Selene. I hope that with this purchase of our third Selene, and by doing so, now becoming your first such three Selene owner, we have demonstrated that degree of commitment to you personally and the Selene brand beyond any reasonable doubt!

Let us know if this fact of 3 Selene ownership by us can be of any marketing help to you in any way or if we can otherwise assist.

(By the way, the attached pictures of you and your brother with us on 4704 were taken on our maiden voyage to at the second Port Ludlow rendezvous where we first met. I remember your comments that 4704 helped you sell several other Selenes. She was a SOLO but we converted here in late 2003 or early 2004 after you sent Dick Johnson and us appropriate conversion kits).

Sincerely and respectfully,

David and Ginny Morthland