The Cooperation of KABOLA Heating System & Jet-Tern Marine

The director, Mr. Piet Alles visited JTM on Oct. 31st, 2007. This was his 2nd time to JTM and will stay 4 days (2 days in Dongguan and 2 days in Zhuhai). The main purpose of his trip was to help JTM’s crew to install the Kabola heating system on 3 boats (Selene-5911/5373/4831), give us training about how to install the Kabola heating system and teach us how it works.


Piet Alles said there were 4 trainning agendas: knowledge, information, installation and test. Today, he provided a general technical knowledge about the Kabola heating system and the professional specified information about the model that will be installed on the Selene boats. At the end of today, Piet assembled the Kabola unit with JTM’s crew. Tomorrow, he will instruct and help the installation on Selene-4831 & Selene-5373 as well as Selene-5911 which is being built in our Zhuhai shipyard the day after tomorrow. Moreover, Piet indicated that he will make sure to do the running test after the installation of the Kabola heating system.


Being asked the feelings about JTM’s crew, Piet said JTM’s crew were hungry for the knowledge and greedy to learn. (Howard said he hopes JTM’s crew will not hungry for the food, but hungry for the knowledge.). He was greatly impressed about attitude & enthusiasm that JTM’s crew had.


Kabola company is planning to double their productivity and sales amount in 2008. They look forward to establish more business relationship with the buyers. They have sold many good products to the famous boat builders like Azimet, Bennetti, Selene... Kabola company is not only to provide the good products, service, but also to offer the warranty. Kabola will stand behind their products and always cover the defaults if it is incurred. 

Besides, Piet emphasized his philosophy that setting up the “Trust” between the two companies. He said Kabola and Selene will have a win-win achievement through the cooperation.


And this is also a good move for the customers as it will be much easier and economic to install the Kabola heating system during the boat contruction rather than to do it in the commissioning period. This will save a lot of labor hours and avoid possible wear-out when tear down the interior panels and drill the holes.


JTM is looking forward the long-term business with Kabola and believe this will be beneficial to the buyers. JTM hopes all the customers will enjoy cruising with their Selene in a warm and nice atmosphere that provided by Kabola and JTM’s crew!!