The Completion of Selene-5599

Gill Patrick was the vice president of Boeing Company. He is a certified naval architecter. He had led a project of Hydrofoil Express Ferry in Hong Kong. Around 30 ferries had ever been built by his team and some are still being used now.

After a 2 years searching in the trawler market, Patrick ordered a Selene 55' in 2007. This boat is equipped with the newest F/B mold which JTM designed for their brand new Selene 55' project. The F/B has a 6" extention at F/B, while the hull & superstructure of Selene-5599 is still the standard 55's, so the coverage on cockpit is more than other's. Howard designed a "Y" strut type S/S stanchion to support the overhang & accommodate the drain from F/B deck. The new F/B provides a more spacious space, 6" longer boat deck, larger "L" settee & table plus a built-in storage lock.

Selene-5599 comes out a very beautiful & functional boat!