The Alexseal PU Training in JTM

Mr. Jeff Holland, the technical manager and Mr. Zhou Bin, the sales manager of Mankiewicz had a professional Alexseal PU training for JTM staff this week.

The whole training lasted two and a half days. During the first day, Jeff and Bin gave a training class for JTM painting workers. They presented a detailed introduction of Alexseal system and then discussed and solved many queries the wokers put forwared. They addressed that the most competitive advantage Alexseal offers is the only durable polyester urethane which is repairable. That is what the marine market exactly demands and can be offered on Jet Tern products now. In the following days they demonstrated the whole process of PU painting step by step and coached the wokers how to repair the damaged coating.

The Alexseal PU paint is being applied for Selene system and it will be first adopted on Selene-53109.