Thanks Letter from Pete & Suzy

Dear JR,

Suzy and I want to thank you very much for helping us to successfully complete the Aritex Davit claim. As you'll recall, this all started back in early February. For the past four months you have provided real leadership in working with Jane and Rhoda at Aritex, after getting pertinent input from Peter at Jet-Tern. With a bright green light from Howard Chen, you and Carol, at Selene Florida, really started the process moving in the right direction. Working together you both were instrumental in keeping everyone informed regarding the claim progress, initiating the unique payment process by Aritex and then finally making sure that Jessica had the complete information needed to wire transfer the $2,966.31 USD (cost of repair in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida) to our Bank of America account today (it all worked out well Jessica- thanks). Early on in this whole process, counsel, advice and assistance were also forthcoming from Jeff at Selene-Florida, as well as Brian and Brad at Selene-Seattle.

In the final analysis this was truly a Selene ( and Aritex) team effort that produced the right result. Suzy and I again thank all of you for making it happen. We are so grateful to still be a part of the Selene family.

Greetings from Pete and Suzy

At home in North Carolina,
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