Thank You

Dear JR,

As you know, it is now baseball season. How appropriate then that you have recently hit two home runs out of the ballpark. The first was the assistance you gave Suzy and I with the Aritex Davit situation on our 48 Selene Magic Dragon.

The second home run was your referral, regarding our thruster problem, to Side-Power Thruster Systems in Norway by David at Jet-Tern Purchasing on July 4th. Our starboard bow thruster would not function.

Mark Raeder, Service Manager for Imtra Marine Products in New Bedford, Massachusetts was alerted and e-mailed us on July 6th. I immediately called Mark. He e-mailed Side-Power's Trouble Shooting Guide for AMS thrusters, which we have. In working with Mark Raeder the week of July 6th, I found him to be extremely helpful, knowledgeable, intuitive and patient in our joint effort to try and resolve Magic Dragon's bow thruster problem. Thanks to Mark Reader's guidance, and the Trouble Shooting Guide, we were finally able to track the problem down to a faulty Dual Joy Stick control panel on the fly bridge. It was causing a double signal. I did not know how to access this control, however. Consequently, Mark contacted Dick Fisher with Imtra Marine in Wilmington, North Carolina. Yesterday Dick came by the boat. He was able to access the flybridge joystick control (thanks for the velcro fastened headliner panel, Howard and JR) and confirmed Mark's suspicions. It was a real pleasure to see how Mark and Jeff worked together on this problem. Mark's original diagnosis was confirmed by Jeff and our new joystick control will ship to us today from Imtra. I should be able to install this after it arrives.

JR, again it has been a real pleasure in working with you, and in this case, the two teams at Jet-Tern and Imtra. Thanks again.

Greetings from Pete and Suzy
At home in North Carolina,
also using