Staniel Cay Area

It’s great to be back in the Staniel Cay area again.  The water is SO much prettier here, and it seems life revolves around getting in the water.  With our Rendezvous coming up, there are already a few Selene’s in the anchorage.  Garland and Jean on Arcadia were here and Garland joined us for a quick snorkel session.



Here Garland shows off his snorkeling form.




As you can see, the water is swimming pool clear!



No trip to this area should miss the famous swimming pigs...





The pigs live on the island, and cruisers and tourists come over to feed them their leftovers.  You have to be a bit careful, because the get so excited they might jump into your boat.




We took the dinghy over to Compass Cay to make sure they were ready for our Selene Rendezvous.  While there, we walked over to the oceanside beach.


The girls did their Yoga in the morning, and then one last beach tour before our buddies had to leave.. boo hoo



We had a blast with Greta and Bryan!    They are awesome guests (thanks for all the goodies Greta) and we hope to have them aboard again soon.