Shakedown Cruise

Hi All,

Having finally got Buena Vista finished we were off straight away for our shakedown cruise. Well a shakedown it was but 'cruise' is a bit of a euphamism, it was more like a 'dash' but it certainly gave the boat a bit of a workout. I thought some of you may be interested in the reults.

We travelled 1166nm in 7 days with two overnight stops, averaged 8.5 knots at 1300 rpm with an average fuel burn of 25 lts/hr (that's about 6.5 gals/hr for you folks across the ditch). which I am pretty pleased with. All of that travel was done in open water up the East Coast of Australia but with the usual mixture of seas and tide, but generally relatively flat seas. Interestingly, neither the boat speed at 1300 rpm nor fuel burn seemed to be affected by taking on an additional 5000 litres of fuel (about 1320 gallons), which I was surprised at.

Just as pleasing is the lack of any serious problems along the way, in fact nothing of any consequence at all.

If any of you are interested in our setup, you can see more at