Selene vs. Rogue Wave

Recently we have the information about two Selenes met with the Rogue Wave, one is Selene 5323 and another one is Selene 5919. The Selene 5323 was literally enveloped by a 25 feet Rogue Wave in Southern Mexico. Apparently the reversed raked forward windshield helped. The rogue wave smashed on the roof the pilot house and didn’t cause damage; but you can image if tons of sea water hit directly on the regular “raked after” front windshield, the pressure may break the window glass.


Besides, Selene 5919 was also attacked by a sudden Rogue Wave when she was close to jetty of marina in Australia, three people were on board and the rogue wave hit the boat from beam after the boat planned to return to marina from a demonstration voyage for a prospect. At that time the boat was very close to jetty and rolled almost 45 degree, the teak coaming touched the sea water level, but still raised up and eventually made it safely back to the marina.


Herewith are the photos of 5919 which were taken by the wife of 5919’s owner. The prospect on board 5919 signed the purchase agreement immediately after this test voyage. Obviously, he is very happy about the performance of Selene 59'.