Selene Trawlers Bahama Rendezvous

Last year, while we were cruising the Bahamas, we always loved it when we ran across other Selene Trawlers like ours.  Wayne came up with the idea of having a Selene Trawler Rendezvous this year in Exuma, Bahamas.  We made up a flyer about the area and sent it to all of the Selene owners on the East Coast.  As we made our way south from Maryland to Florida, we asked marinas and boat yards for contributions to the Rendezvous and were so surprised at the response we got from both owners and businesses.  We thought we would be happy if 8 - 10 boats made it. 


You can’t imagine how amazed we were when the final count turned out to be 18 Selene’s ranging from 43’ to 60’ showed up at Big Majors Anchorage for the start of our Rendezvous!  Over half of the boats had never been across the gulf stream before.  But decided to group up and travel together. 


On the morning of the first event, we were sleeping away at 6:30am and didn’t even hear this fuel barge coming within feet of My Sharona. 



One of the other boats snapped this photo.  Once we woke up, we found out that we needed to move before the barge could get back out. 


That afternoon Debi and Bruce from Different Drummer helped us get the beach ready for our meet and greet party.



Here are all the goody bags filled with all kinds of prizes given to us by various dealers .  Thanks to Kevin at Selene Florida for rounding up a lot of these gifts and also for finding other big donations. 



With owners and guests, there were 65 people included in our beach party.



Wayne smoozing with Kathy and Roseanne. 



Group Photo just before this fabulous sunset.




The next day (Monday)we enjoyed a fabulous buffet  at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club, sponsored by Selene Annapolis.  Thanks Chuck and Andrea for you great support.



The food and fun was amazing. 



Mark Tilden (who we believe came the furthest  distance (from Gig Harbor, WA, to attend ) and Chuck Wistar, Selene Annapolis. 


On Tuesday we had probably the biggest challenge of the Event.  All 18 boats were moving from the Anchorage to the quaint little Compass Cay Marina.


We didn’t know until hours before we all arrived how many of the boats would be able to fit into the Marina.  It turned out that we got 13 in, and the other 5 anchored just outside the entrance. 


The entrance to this marina is a bit shallow in parts, and everyone was a little apprehensive, especially after the second boat in got caught by the wind and current and found themselves aground.  They were helped off the sandbar, and were the last boat into the Marina, and then had to squeeze into probably the hardest spot of all. 



They did it, (Yay Joyce) and now the party could begin. 


After everyone was safe at the dock a Compass Cay Marina, we all enjoyed a fabulous pot luck dinner on the dock. 




Garland had fun swimming with Tucker’s pet sharks. 



The gang took their dinghys to a cool spot called Rachel's Bubble Bath. 



It’s a natural pool, and when the wind and waves are up, big foamy bubbles fill the pool. 



The most exciting part of the Rendezvous for me was after all the boats left Compass Cay Marina, we decided that it would be very cool to have the boats get into formation and shoot photos from above. 



Luckily we had friends who knew “Crock & Connie”. Crock owns this awesome plane (a tail dragger) and he agreed to take me up for the photo shoot. 


Crock removed the back door so I could get great shots.  What a blast it was to be high above the beautiful turquoise waters, looking down at all the Selenes’ underway.







Here is My Sharona... Wayne is on the flybridge waving.