Selene Installs an Engine

Installing engines and generators in Selenes is an amazing process that requires some of the best planning and teamwork of all the thousands of operations that are part of every Selene Ocean Trawler.

Engines don’t just go from the delivery truck to the boat. First, they are hooked up to fuel, starting power, and cooling water and run for a couple of hours over a range of settings and loads. When everything is OK, they are ready to go into the boat.

Keeping costs down translates into greater value for customers. Engines are the most expensive single piece of equipment installed on the boats, so the later they can be purchased and installed, the lower the costs. To do this, Selene has engineered a unique design into every yacht. The boats, even after being completely assembled, open up to create a 'freight elevator' kind of shaft enabling the engines to be lowered from above the bridge directly down into the engine room.

A "soft patch" on the bridge is built into every Selene. It is about 6' by 4' – just enough to maneuver something as large as an engine through it. The patch is removed, and directly below in the galley, the counters and cabinet modules are moved out of the way as well, giving direct access into the engine room.

With an experienced team at all levels, a crane raises the engine high above the prepared yacht, tilts the engine to fit right down the access shaft, and all hands slowly and gently lower the engine which can weigh well over two tons.

Down it goes with tight but adequate clearance until it arrives in the engine room where the team uses the many chain blocks and tackles to move it into place.

Below decks, engineers and mechanics are ready and waiting to begin the process of mounting, securing, connecting, aligning, and all the many steps that comprise a perfect engine installation.

Jet Tern's "soft patch" process saves customers time an money – during construction, and if ever engine removal would be required years down the road. Instead of cutting through the hull as is required by most manufacturers’ yachts, Selene owners simply reverse the installation process. Easy come, easy go. Another of the hundreds of subtle benefits of Selene ownership.