Selene Hats

Selene and the Eric K,

We spent 3 years researching trawler style owner operated motoryachts. During that time we travelled to 5 major boat shows, read everything that was written about trawler style vessels. We tested, Nordhavns, Ocean Alexanders, North Pacific, Offshore, Nordic Tug, Flemming and several others. Some of the vessels were new and some used. We carefully looked at the condition of used boats by each of the manufacturers to see how they held up 5 and 10 years later.

Every boat has it's pluses and minus's. But for quality, value and plain old good looks nothing compared to the Selene. We interviewed by email and telephone 15 Selene owners and while some had issues, not one of them failed in their loyalty to the Selene brand. Finally we saw a simple ad on the Selene owner's web site and that was the Johnson's boat Rturn. It took about 5 minutes aboard the boat before we new this was the one.

This year we will spend 4.5 months aboard our Selene 47 and next year it will be closer to six months. Leah and I thought we would travel many miles and come close to reaching Alaska. We discovered that we so much enjoyed life aboard, that in 7 weeks we've only traveled a few hundred miles, but have enjoyed every moment aboard the Eric K. We discovered it's a lifestyle and not a race and it so enhanced our experience.

Wishing the entire Selene family in China the very best today, tomorrow and forever.

Very truly yours,

From the Eric K
Chuck Greenberg and Leah Greenberg