Selene 6605

Hello Howard:

I hope you are well and that business is building at Jet Tern Marine.

It is July 3rd and I have departed on a 10 week “sea trial” of S6605. I am one week into the trip, and will take S6605 (“Escapade”) up the Canadian Coast to Southeast Alaska, and the cities of Ketchikan, Juneau, Sitka and Skagway. I have made this trip 10 times, so the travel is not a concern to me but how the boat performs is of significant interest.

The Selene Seattle Service Center and Yacht Systems Northwest have both continued to work on commissioning and outfitting since you saw Escapade at the Rendezvous. While there are still some significant things to be completed, the boat is substantially complete and in good shape, and I expect to have an enjoyable cruise this summer. Of course I’ve already had some issues but that is anticipated, and I have back-up systems and will execute work-arounds to get through the trip. I have a different group of family and friends on board each week, so I will learn a lot about how the boat works this summer and have a lot of feedback from my guests.

I am currently in a fjord in Southern British Columbia, Canada called Princess Louisa Inlet. I have attached a couple of pictures so you can see how the boat looks in this beautiful country. I expect you have or will receive the professional pictures that were taken of Escapade several weeks ago. My hope is that they can be used to generate sales for JTM and the Selene 66.

I am writing to tell you that I am having fun with S6605 and the result of our efforts – I am enjoying using the boat and checking out its systems and how things work in practice – and am looking forward to working through the issues that come up. I’ll have a good list when I return – and tasks for Brad and his crew, as well as Yacht Systems Northwest. I will send you my thoughts after the trip on how the boat performed and improvements for your consideration to make the Selene 66 an even better product.

I hope to see you when you are back in Seattle.