Selene 5922

Dear Dealers,
Through two years hard research and practice including sent one engineer to New Zealand for attending the training seminar. Jet-Tern Marine is proudly to announce that, JTM has successfully completed the Vacuum Resin Infusion (VRI) process for the hull lamination of Selene-5922. This process is the highest level among the FRP industry field, it reduces the production time & saves about 600 kgs of resin in a Selene-59 hull, the "glass contain" will be raised that means the strength of fiberglass panel will be also increased. VRI process is also friendly to the environment, and creates a more healthy atmosphere for the FRP workers.
Before we did the hull of 5922, we have been doing the VRI process for many parts of Selene, like fuel tanks, door, hard top ... etc. There is about less than 3 shipyards in China can really carry out the good job of VRI process, JTM is the one ! 
The lamination period will be shorten from 25 days to about 18 days, less man hours is needed of course, this will speed up the production schedule and make the delivery time earlier, for sure Selene customers will be glade to hear about this ! We may will put some additional ballast at the bottom & keel to correct the trim / heeling and low down the center of gravity. When the weight of superstructure lessened and the C.G. lower, consequently, the stability will increase.
However, the VRI process will demand more accurate engineering & manufacture management, skilled workers and foremen. Special resin and core material is essential, some expensive equipment and sophisticate consumption stuffs are requested as well.
In general, the success of the VRI technology will upgrade the quality level and save the cost of all Selenes !! We also appreciate very much for suppliers & foreign specialist, those have been involving and endeavoring for this achievement ! And most of all, the commitment from Dealers for sales and promotion of Selene !!
Best Regards,
Howard Chen / CEO
Jet-Tern Marine