Selene 56′ Overview

Building on the popular and proven design of the Selene 53/55 and after two years of research and development, Jet-Tern Marine is proud to announce the Selene 56. The legendary 53/55 series have sold in excess of 120 vessels. Their popularity was marked by the winning of the “Peoples choice award” at the 2007 Trawlerfest.

The Selene 56 builds on her predecessors many attributes that made it so popular. The 55’s owners already boast of their large salon/cockpit and boat deck that are very spacious. The Selene 56 keeps these attribute and adds our robust next generation hull making this yacht even more stable and efficient for offshore passages. Jet-Tern Marine has built a brand new set of molds for this model, including the hull, deck, & superstructure which ensures for a beautiful finished yacht. Several orders are confirmed and should be ready for delivery by summer of 2010.

The Selene 56's next generation hull gives us three main advantages over the predecessor. The first and foremost change of the next generation is the Deep Hull. The engine is now lower giving better stability and a lower shaft angle. The lowered shaft angle results in even better efficiency. The fuel tanks have increased in size as much as 1400 gallons for a longer range. The secondary advantages of the deep hull give the Selene 56 much more space in the engine room, commissary, and the lazarette. The increased space allows for full stand-up access in the engine room for easier maintenance as well as more storage. The increased size of the commissary allows much more storage.

The second change in our next generation hull is a propeller pocket. The pocket allows for an even better engine shaft angle and also allows for a larger propeller increasing the efficiency of the vessel.

The last major change to our next generation hull is the Cruisers Stern. This actually adds to the length of the water line with increases the hull speed and attitude of the vessel. The lazarette, already made larger from the deep hull, is also lengthened inside giving even more space for gear and/or systems installations. Building on an established yacht quality, craftsmanship and seaworthy designs, Jet-Tern Marine is continuing to push their boats in terms of efficiency and seaworthiness.