Selene 54 DH Ocean Trawler Makes New Splash

Jet-Tern Marine is proud to announce that the new design --- Selene-54 DH has completed a successful sea trail and also got the CE certification issued by Lloyds Register, Catagory A, Ocean Going.


Both Selene-5497 & 5498 were sold to the experienced European boaters, with 12 months building time, they have been built nicely & sea tried at Nansha Marina, which is near by the Pearl River outlet to South China Sea.


This is the highest honor that a pleasure trawler can possibly get.


Selene-5497 reached the top speed of 11.0 knots with single John Deere 6081 AFM M2, 300 hp@2200 rpm.


Selene-5498 reached the top speed of 11.6 knots with single Lugger L1276 A2, 340 hp@1800 rpm.


The Selene 54 DH is the newest Selene family member, she was developed from the legendary Selene-53, one of the most successful LR trawler in the world that has been built for over 100 boats. She inheritates the excellent traditional characteristics of the mother boat plus many advanced evolution of the modern technology.


Howard Chen and his team have been spending three years with their love and passion on this project, he believes the Selene 54 with the taller 5'-8" headroom (at entrance area) and the larger fuel capacity of 1500 USG plus the integral cruiser stern, she will be almost a perfect trawler that provides the real luxury of the long range cruising.