Selene-4719, Chuck Greenberg

Dear Mr. Chuck Greenberg,

Thanks for your kind letter and congratulation for your purchasing of the Selene-4719, Dick Johnson's boat. Welcome join the Selene family !!

Dick is my long term friend, he has bought two Selenes from us, the first one is a Selene-43 and the second one is your Selene-47. Dick was the professor in the university for aero-dynamic, chief designer of Boeing 737, 747 & 777, former vice president of Boeing company. In my mind he is a legendary, an elite of American, a very knowledgeable engineer, boater and a gentleman. He does take care his Selene very well, pay the attention to the detail and have a very professional way to maintain the boat, he did the commissioning by himself and his boat is always being kept in a very good shape, so he sold his first Selene-43' to his neighbor even before he put it on the market..., Dick's boat has a good value !!

Dick visited JTM's shipyard for several times while his Selene-47 was under construction and he also gave us many valuable advices.... those are all very helpful in the engineering and design of Selene. Of course, we had been putting a considerable effort to build Selene-4719 to meet up with Dick's standard, that is a very good memory for us.

I and my family had several personal dinners with Dick and his wife and friends, when I visited the Townsend Bay, we all enjoyed the good old time. It's very pity for us that Dick decided to move to desert and we will miss him and Stephanie.

Anyway, I am very please to know you and your wife had purchased the Selene-4719 from the legendary Dick Johnson..., I believe the name will bring up the value. Congratulation !!

Best Wishes for you and your wife, I hope you will enjoy your cruising with Selene and if there is anything that JTM can help, please don't hesitate to let me know, or inform our Customer Service Manager, Brad Pilz of Selene Seattle. We would like to provide you the best service.

Best Regards,

Howard Chen / CEO
Jet-Tern Marine