Sea Trial Report

Three luxury yachts (Selene 5497 & Selene 53100 & Selene 54102) built by Jet-Tern Marine had a successful sea trial together at the newly-established Nansha Marina on Dec.15th. Nansha marina will be one of the biggest yacht marinas in South China and it takes only one hour from the shipyard to the marina. More than thirty berths and the supporting facilities, such as the parking lots and clubs have been finished at the first phase of the project. It is located at the mouth of Zhujiang River and the favorable location makes it an excellent place for sea trial.

Selene 5497 is the first DH boat with European transom developed by Jet-Tern. The major difference from the original 53' is that the headroom is increased to 76'' from 66'', and the fuel tank is increased to 1500 gallons from the original 1300 gallons. Mr. Van Zanten, the owner of this boat, has very rich experience in sailing, and this is already his fourteenth boat. Owing to the dense fog in Holland, he specially specified the heated double glass for the front window to clear the fog on the window. Besides, he also installed universal joint so as to reduce the vibration of the boat. With all the staff's hard work, what we can present to the owner now is a delicate interior, top-grade furniture and well-equipped engine room. The sea trial showed that all the systems had a very good performance, both vibration and noise were relatively small, and the average speed reached up to 11.0 knots. Recently, this boat has been carefully checked once again by the Hong Kong professional marine surveyor Dylan, and everything turned out to be acceptable. She will be soon shipped out to the owner, and attend the coming boat shows in Europe. We have full confidence that she will bring us a lot of new orders!

The owner of Selene 54102 is also a European customer-Roquebert P.O., and has rich experience in sailing too. This boat employs the standard transom, but the swim platform is extended to 5'8'', which can accommodate a dinghy and also increase the length of waterline, and therefore increase the longitudinal stability. ABT (American Bow Thruster) stabilizer and bow/stern thrusters are installed for this boat. This is the first time that Jet-Tern has worked with ABT for the whole hydraulic system and TRAC stabilizer. Although a little expensive, the quality of their products is world famous and the stable performance and super after-sales service win most of the boat owners' high favor. The classic teak interior, together with high-grade marble countertop and leather sofa turns this boat into a luxurious villa on the sea. She is expected to be shipped out to Europe at the end of this month. The owner and his family will sail this boat to Southern France and cruise along the coast, and then sail for Italy and Croatian. Wish them a pleasant and happy holiday!

Selene 53100 is the first Selene sold in China. The owner-Mr Yan, Vice-President of the Fishing Association in Shanxi province, has been fishing for more than thirty years. It took him almost two years to find a suitable boat, and finally, he found Selene. After serious discussion with Jet-Tern's general manager Howard Chen about his ideal fishing boat, the design team of Jet-Tern spent almost five months to design this boat with more than sixty-five drawings and all get approved by Dong Guan Maritime Safety Administration! Many expensive and precision instruments are installed on this boat such as the ABT zero-speed stabilizer; the model is TRAC 250-7.5X. This is the first time that Jet-Tern has installed zero-speed stabilizer up to now. The stabilizer can still work normally with the best stability effect even when the boat is moored in the center of the sea so that the crews will not get seasick when fishing on the boat.

Besides, this boat also installed stereo and Karaoke system in Saloon and remote control and speaker on the deck and fly bridge and satellite televisions in saloon and the cabins. What’s more, some high-end navigation equipments and fish finder equipments are installed. The navigation equipments include GPS, radar, Automatic Recognition System, Automatic Navigation System, VHF etc. The fish finder equipments include Matrix 47 3D fish finder, which can provide clear 3D profile of the seafloor and fish crowd, and 1197C high-definition fish finder, which can provide clear photos and images of 150 inches deep. We are sure that with all these high-tech equipments and Mr Yan's rich fishing experience will make him come back with a lot of big fish!

Selene 53100 will be delivered to Sanya soon after the sea trial. The owner is quite satisfied with the performance and quality of this boat. We are fully confident that she will open up a new market for Jet-Tern in long range ocean trawler in China!