Parade in “Festival of Lantern”

The photos that show a 39' Selene "Parade Boat" donated by Jet-Tern Marine for the "Festival of Lantern" ( Feb 2 2009 ). The Festival of Lantern is a large and important celebration festival for Chinese, it normally held during the first full moon of Chinese lunar year. It is a tradition that people will bring the lantern into the night to celebrate that winter will be soon over and spring will be soon coming.

People will also eat "Rice Dumplings" which is round shaped and made of glutinous rice served in soup. The round shaped dumpling means the "Reunion" of family and friends. After eating the round rice dumplings, the Chinese New Year holiday is ended and people will get back to work.

The presentation of JTM’s Parade Boat was very successful, maybe the best one of the whole event. According to the news report, more than 100,000--  visitors attended the festival, they were very joyful and surprised to see a beautiful boat on the road. The government office was also very happy and gave JTM a very high prize. This is very useful for JTM …!!