Nortec Introduces Kabola Heating System

Mr. Lars Nilsson, the president of Nortec Marine, Inc., visited Jet-Tern Marine on Dec 5th, 2007. The main purpose of his trip was to educate & train our staff about the installation & operation of Kabola heating system in Jet-Tern Marine. He helped us install the Kabola heating system for two boats (Selene-5575/4330). This is the 2nd training session by Kabola heating system for JTM's crew. He will stay here 4 days for the training & installation.


In the afternoon of Dec 6th, 2007, he gave us a 2 hour training class in JTM's meeting room. And the entire crew of our Electric & Mechanic Department attended the training. His absorbing lecture was easily understood. And JTM's crew were anxious to learn it. He showed us many pictures to help us understand. Lars said it is very easy and economical to install the Kabola heating system during the boat contruction. It will save a lot of labor hours.


JTM is establishing the long-term, friendly, cooperative relationship with Nortec Marine. We hope all the customers will enjoy cruising with their Selene in a warm and nice environment that is provided by Kabola and JTM’s crew!!