Newspaper Article for Selene 5919 Sea Trial

This week Jet Tern had a very successful sea trial of a brand new design for the popular Selene 59. For customers Heather and Richard Ossoff, of Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Howard Chen designed a shallow draft twin engine hull with skegs and shoes to provide complete protection for the propellers. This is very important in much of the US East Coast, Gulf of Mexico, Bahama Islands, and other popular cruising grounds.

The Selene 5919 sea trial was attended by the customers, many dignitaries from Pingsha and Zhuhi, the press, the Deputy Governor, the Bureau Chief, and the editor of China Boating magazine. Also aboard were Howard’s father and brother as well as the dealer, Chuck Wistar, President of Selene Annapolis Yachts. Over the course of several hours of trial, many members of the Selene Zhuhai team who were involved in the layout, engineering, construction, and quality control were brought to the boat. At many times as many as 40-50 people were aboard but the large yacht never felt crowded.

The sea trial purpose was to test the boat performance in many different conditions. The results were all excellent. The boat was smooth running and quite fast averaging around 11.5 knots. It was very quiet at all speeds, and the spray chine knocked down the bow wave easily. The new standard power steering made the yacht very responsive to the helmsman, and both the owner and the dealer tried it and were very impressed.

Selene 5919, named “Cronulla” by her owners, was extensively modified inside, with the owners working constantly with Candy Wong, the Project Manager from Jet Tern’s Zhuhai shipyard, and with Ian Morris, the Selene Annapolis Project Manager. The results are one of the most beautiful, elegant, yet practical Selenes ever built. The galley and salon area are quite open and bright. The pilothouse settee and table have been elevated to improve visibility for all who are cruising aboard. The utility room has a spacious work area for Mr. Ossoff. The lazarette is laid out perfectly for equipment storage, SCUBA equipment and compressors, and many spare parts and supplies.

Selene 5919 will ship to the US around the end of January. When it arrives it will be commissioned and presented in the prestigious Palm Beach Boat Show at the end of March. It will be the premier showing of a Selene 59 on the east coast of the US and a great deal of interest is expected.

Congratulations to the entire Jet Term team who worked in such an excellent and collaborative way with the owners, the dealer, and with each other to produce a yacht that has exceeded the expectations of the customer!