Mastervolt Training

On 27 February 2008, Mastervolt Trainings Manager Bart van den Bosch and The Royce Power Team conducted a highly-intensive training session at Jet-Tern Marine Dongguan main office.

The training focussed mainly on the Mastervolt Mass Chargers, Combis, Batteries and Whisper Generators. Important subjects which were put on the table were installation locations, cable diameter and length and voltage-drop compensation adjustments.

Bart explained the importance of installation location for all the Mastervolt products was for operation and easy access for service & maintenance. He showed specifically the do's and don'ts of the installation and graphically displayed examples of incorrect installations.

Cable diameter and length are discussed during the training and Bart showed a self-explaining spreadsheet which can be used to calculate cable diameter if the length and the maximum current is known. Bart stressed that to obtain the minimum voltage-drop, cable diameter need to be more thicker and cable length need to be shortened and according to the maximum current.

During the training we were able to familiarize ourselves with Mastervolt products first hand. We brought in a faulty Mastervolt Charger for Bart to check, the problem could not be identified however Bart was able to demonstrate the direct PC-link to the Charger with MasterAdjust Software. Bart showed that many adjustments can be made with the software.

Our engineers also asked many technical questions which were answered very professionally by Bart. With the help of the Royce Power Team, the Mastervolt Training was explained in Chinese for all participants to understand. We wish to thank Bart van den Bosch and the Royce Power Team for conducting such an informative and intensive training.