Love Life, Love Yacht

The stable cooperative relation between Huafa co.Ltd & Jet-Tern Marine.


Huafa co. Ltd-one of the top enterprises in Zhuhai, is a listed real estate company with a history of 27years.

Nov, 7th, 2008, on board of Selene 6216, General Manager Chen from Huafa & JR, COO from Jet-Tern Marine Zhuhai shipyard sailed together over Jiti River. This was the 2nd time for Miss Chen to sail on Selene boat, which shows the lasting friendly relation of our two parts.

Right now, Huafa & JTM are cooperating on a project named “Love Life, Love yacht”. This project has well combined the kernels from two parts for its aiming at providing customers a high quality living concept: enjoying not only the elegant life in the villas by the bank, but also the life on board over the river!

We believe this project is a win-win strategy for Huafa & JTM as well as customers of both parts. And we hope this stable cooperative relation can be maintained chronically in the future.