JTM Got “Oscar” for Yachting Industry—”Bset of the Year”

In financial crisis, JTM still created a good performance. At the Miami Boat Show, JTM's Selene 47 got the award of "Best of the year", which was hosted by the USA prestigious "Motoring Boating" Magazine. Howard Chen, the CEO of JTM, pointed out that in addition to expand market in Europe and the USA, JTM will gragually increase investment in the domestic market. In order to open the International Tourism Island market, they are palnning to enter Hainan, set sales company in Sanya and build a large yacht factory in Haikou. To increase creativity, JTM has introduced an international design team, including the Netherlands and the USA designers, so that the products can be more detailed and luxurious to meet the demand of demostic consumers. The Secretary Municipal Committee of Hainan expressed the aspiration to introduce Taiwan yacht industry, and JTM also hopes to increase the stock share in the world by depending on the development opportunities of Hainan. The company is looking forword to creating a better performance both in domestic and abroad this year.

Reported by United Daily News