JTM 6605 party thank you

To: Howard Chen & JTM's Staff


Thank you all for joining with me tonight to celebrate the completion of Selene 6605.  While there are a few details to wrap up, I am comfortable that the boat is substantially complete and am looking forward to receiving her in Seattle before the end of the year for commissioning and outfitting.


I know that 6605 was a challenging build for you.  I thank Howard and all of you for helping me realize many of the ideas I had for this project.  You have packed a lot into 66 feet!

For me this has been a “life experience” – participating in the building of a boat from scratch: working with Howard, Selene Seattle and the JTM design team to turn ideas and vision into plans, and your workers to help implement the plans and craft solutions to resolve some of the challenges.

And there have been many challenges!  I know I am only aware of some of them.  And while some things could not be done, you have found ways to include most of the things I had in mind for this beautiful boat.

When I started the project I thought I would make 4 or 5 trips to your shipyard – and that has turned into 10 visits!  I added the additional trips because I wanted to help support the build, but also because I felt part of the “team” that was building Selene 6605.  On one trip I brought my wife to China and we spent two weeks experiencing some your culture and seeing many fantastic places.  This whole experience has been incredible for me.

I thank you for all your hard work in creating the beautiful boat we call 6605, but will receive the name “ESCAPADE” when she reaches Seattle.  She is my fifth Escapade, and is certainly the best of all of them.

I will spend 5 months commissioning and outfitting Escapade in Seattle prior to having a maiden voyage next May.  I expect to be cruising in Canada and Alaska next year and getting to know how Escapade really works.  I hope to be cruising with her for many years – she will most likely be my last boat.

I have enjoyed t5he entire experience with you as 6605 went from idea to completion.  I will miss the trips to your shipyard – and to see all of you I have come to regard as friends.  We worked together with the goal of delivering 6605, and we have done that.  I know this project would not have succeeded without the oversight and contributions of my project manager, Candy.  She has been a great ally during the entire process. 

I hope to visit you again one day and share some of the experiences I will have in the boat you have made possible.  I salute you for your hard work and craftsmanship – I know I will enjoy Escapade for many years to come.
Thank you all for making it possible!  Enjoy the party!

Bruce Jones / Selene 6605 "ESCAPADE"