Jet Tern Marine implements the new ERP & PDM system

JTM launched the whole brand new system for process management and announce the coming of new age when ERP kick-off meeting was held on Oct. 22th 2007. JTM invest over US$250,000 in the integration system including PLM (Product Life Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and e-flow management to help establish an efficient mechanism to well managed and integrate the whole process from sales order, design, inventory, purchasing, manufacturing, quality control, finance to warranty service. It will be the first shipyard company in China to implement such a big engineering system to help promote our completion in yacht industry.


Since there are a lot of processes that need to integrate together to speed up the process. One of most important process is called design engineering. When JTM is in the process of designing a product, the process of actually creating it is just as important as the end result. PLM is useful in helping JTM find the best design process. Another area where ERP most useful is order and manufacturing tracking. When receiving orders for a product, being able to properly track the orders can allow us to get detailed information on our customers and marketing strategies.


One of the most important advantages of ERP is the finance system. It can integrate the cost, profit, and revenue information of sales that are made in any time. PLM & ERP can also be responsible for product change management. A product data structure can be immediately set up which can allow JTM to be informed of when product specification should be updated. It will keep better track of production schedule, and it can allow the products themselves to be produced with a best level of quality. It also makes the whole production line on schedule just exactly the same as our production planning. Most importantly, it may improve our delivery schedule with best quality as well.