Introduction of Selene 47DH

Through one year's great efforts, now Jet-Tern Marine is proud to announce that the 47DH Mold has been completed. This mold is dedicated to the production of 47 Deep Hull. She has inherited the beautiful sheer line, sturdy reversed angle front windshields, plus the advantages from the deep hull design, she will be an excellent long range ocean trawler.

According to the chief designer & CEO of JTM, Howard Chen, the features of the deep hull design will provide many merits which include a taller headroom in E/R, a larger fuel capacity and a more spacious space for the installation and maintenance. Besides, the shaft angle can also be reduced to around 5 degrees to provide a more efficient propulsion, along with the displacement and bilge space be increased. In addition, 47DH is also figured with a propeller pocket to allow a larger propeller with the draft still be kept as before.

We believe Selene 47DH will act as a successful project like the other Selene members.