Introduction for JR Hsu

Dear Dealers,

We are proud to introduce our newly appointed Chief Operating Office ( COO ) Mr. JR Hsu.

JR is my brother-in-law and he just joined JTM recently. He was born in Tainan, a beautiful historic city in South of Taiwan. JR comes from a well-educated family. His grandfather was the principal of a preliminary  school and his father was a teacher and senior vice president of a famous insurance company in Taiwan.

JR graduated from the best high school in south of Taiwan, then entered the famous National Chiao Tung University (One of the top ranked university in Taiwan/Asia), major in Electric & Control Engineering. 

After his graduation, he went to Army for his two-year military service. He served at Kin-men Island as a Lieutenant Officer. His base is one of the most closest point from PRC China.

Soon after returning from Army, JR was enrolled by China Steel Corp. and worked there from 1984 ~ 1986 as a Senior Leader of Cold Rolling FAB. Then he entered into IBM Taiwan Corp. and worked there from 1986 ~ 2007 at several position: H/W & S/W Engineer, Service Manager, Account Service Manager in CIM system & Sales Director of Industry Sector. He was leading a group to win back many large projects ranging from US300K to US20 million such as FAB infrastructure design, construction and supervise especially for TFT and Semiconductor industry. JR also has also been Australia several times to join IBM’s overseas training seminar program.

JR has been working for JTM at both shipyards for one month. I am aware of that JR is one of the world class manager and believe this is owing to his 20-year experience in IBM where he received very well training and efficient teamwork operation under American atmosphere and culture.

So we are very honor and proud to announce JR’s appointment as our Chief Operating Officer (COO). JR will be in charge of the operation management for both shipyards. His main target is to optimize the organization/human resources/cost down model/efficiency improvement. He will work together with our newly-reformed Production Control Department, which is now in charged by George Zuo. We have a good start in June, 2007. We shipped 8 boats ( 6 by Dongguan, 2 by Zhuhai). We hope a good start is the half done of success!! We believe JR will lead his team to achieve a goal for mutual success of JTM and all dealers.

Please kindly find the attached resume of JR and his email address is You are welcome to contact with him directly. We hope you will enjoy to work with him and all the JTM’s team.

Best Regards,

Howard Chen / CEO
Jet-Tern Marine