Howard’s comment on the high side boarding gate


Regarding the design of High Side Boarding Gate at Portuguese bridge, any cut or opening at that area will "weaken" the integral structure of it. But as the overall integral structure is mainly coming from the joint of Hull & Deck, so the opening at the Portuguese bridge has not too much affect to the overall structure strength. The Selene’s structure is strong & safe !!


However, if requested by customer, JTM normally suggests putting only one optional High Side Boarding Gate at the starboard side for using at a fixed dock. But if the customer needs two gates at P&S for their cruising purpose, we will accept the order and then make them "offset" (one forward and one after) to avoid them located at same section. And we leave 8" high sill underneath the gate to assure the basic structure strength.


Howard Chen / CEO
Jet-Tern Marine