HISWA & Cannes Boat Show

Dear Dealers,

I have just returned from the HISWA & Cannes Boat Show. We had a Selene-60 presented at the Holland Amsterdam and 4 Selenes ( 66/62/60/43 ) at the France Cannes.

They are all in very good shape and drew many customers, of course including some potential prospects. I believe the market climate is warming up and the interest is increasing. We are very optimistic to get some new orders soon.

The dealer Selene Europe and Selene Yachts are doing an excellent job, they show the boats properly and have a very professional presentation for Selene. The well organized Selene team, new Selene banner, Selene Yachts shirts & beautiful Selene show girls … all creates a strong brand image. What a good show !!

Several Selene Owners also attended and helped the show. The newly arrived Selene 6215, Silver Fox, was nicely decorated by her elegant French owner in a Chinese influence. Several beautiful Chinese pictures had been hanging on the wall of each staterooms, creating a very unique and mystique atmosphere. The owner is proud that he designed a lifting swim platform to hold & launch the dinghy, thus the upper deck can be opened to accommodate 4 leisure chairs with 3 sun berths, covered by a removable canvas tent… the sophisticated layout creates a real Life-Style of boating, by his own word… “No time, no speed, only comfort, only luxury !! ” …. Everyone like that !

The new generation of Selene DH series does raise a big splash ! Selene Europe also announced the brand new Selene-75 / 86 series in the Cannes Boat Show, the response is very exciting and attracts many inquiries. Moreover, JTM is planning to introduce the Dutch elements into the design and has invited a world famous Dutch designer to join the developing of this project. We have the confidence that the economic is turning brighter and we will work with Selene Dealers to make a successful achievement !

Best Regards,

Howard Chen / CEO
Jet-Tern Marine