Hi-low Version of Selene Teak Ladder-back Helm Seat Is Available Now

Through one year's joint-force design by Howard Chen and a famous hardware manufaturer in Taiwan, JTM now is proud to announce that the the first hi-low version of the Selene teak ladder-back helm seat deduts!

During the design process, Howard Chen picked out different sizes of the staff to study the optimum ergonomical design, like the depth of the seat, the lean angle of the back cushion, the height of the armrest as well as the foam thickness. JTM's design team spent pretty time to analyze every detail to get the best result.

The hi-low Selene teak ladder-back helm seat features the following:
Hi-glossy teak backrest, armrest, footrest
Hinged footrest
S/S #316 hi-low device w/ pneumatic cylinder
S/S #316 pedestal w/ sliding seat board base
Removable vinyl or canvas cushion
S/S #316 oval shape Selene logo

With the hi-low device incorporated, the Selene teak ladder-back helm seat will be of more value, as it can be adjusted to a variety of height to meet customers' requirements.