Floor Heating on Your Selene Trawler

Congratulations Mr. Radoje Micic, you are the first SELENE owner (5398) who have chosen for the radiant floor heating system from Yacht Floor-Heating from the Netherlands.

We installed the radiant floor heating system in China, at the Selene shipyard, we were invited by the vice president Mr. Howard Chen and the owner of the Selene 5398 yacht Mr. Radoje Micic.

In the future and after a excessive training program, the Selene shipyard will be awarded to install our radiant floor heating systems.

All installations are developed by Yacht Floor Heating BV in the Netherlands and must be used as your main heating source.

With this Yacht Floor-Heating system as the main heating source, the temperature control can be separately regulated by the use of individual thermostats.

Every room can then be installed with floor heating, which will be controlled by its own thermostat. This will open or close a valve, which is dependent upon the required temperature in that room.

In reality it is managed so that a bedroom may be 12°C but the bathroom next door could be 24°C, the lounge could be 22°C and a possible guestroom could be 17°C, for instance.

Also available is the option of heating the pedestrian areas of the outside deck.

The gangway, front and aft, but also the railings (at the development stage) can be integrated in the heating system.

This system can be adjusted, so that it will only react when the outside temperature gets below 5°C. The system will then automatically open a valve, which will keep your decks, gangways and railings free of any ice and relatively dry.

A floor heating-system can only work properly when a good heat source with enough capacity is used. In combining our knowledge with excellent cooperation from Kabola Heating Systems

By choosing the Yacht Floor-Heating system and the Kabola central-heating boiler, you have chosen the best combination in heating-systems for comfort that money can buy. The floor heating-system will be installed by the use of a rotary cultivator, after consultation with the shipyard, into the sheet material floor with a minimum thickness of 18/22mm.

The optimal strength must be brought back into the floor, after installing the hoses.

This is reached by the use of a specially developed YFH synthetic resin, which will not attach to the hoses and will provide a very strong sheet material.

The thermal power is determined by the heart-to-heart distance of the hoses and dependent upon the floor surface per area.


When floor heating has been installed by us, normally every type of floor covering can be fitted. When purchasing a floor covering you must indicate to the supplier that your floors will be fitted with floor heating. Your supplier can advise you on the suitable floor coverings.

Several kinds of floor covering have been used after installation of our floor heating system:

Parquet floor varying in cross-section of 4mm to 12mm
Decorative plates with stripes 6mm
Teak cover incl. floor-wood
Flexiteek, Cork, etc. etc.

Laminate in several types and measures, 6mm to 12 mm
Ceramic tiles in several types and sizes
Textile floor covering incl. underlayment
Aluminum tear-plate, etc. etc


•All areas on board can have their own temperature by use of separate thermostats.

•Equally divided warmth throughout the entire areas.

•Very comfortable relative air humidity on board, as a result of which, condensation will be restricted to a minimum and even reduced to zero when thermal glass is used

•No thermal drafts on the floors

•Difference in temperature between the floors and ceilings of only 2°C. With use of radiators and hot-air heating, the difference could become 12°C

•No fitting of heavy radiators

•No convector reservoirs in the casing, thus saving space, time and costs

•No expensive grating and/or other openings in the casing

•Low noise level and no irritations associated with hot-air heating systems.

•The decks under the convertible roof and wheel-house can be heated

•The construction at the steering position and the windscreens can be heated If you do need any additional information please visit our website at WWW.YFH.NL


Vice President, Bram van Hanegem