Bruce Jones 10th visit to JTM for Selene-6605

Bruce Jones, the client of Selene-6605, has a computer company and a family business, Lake Union Dry Dock ( LUDD ) which is the biggest shipyard in Lake Union, Seattle, doing lots of business for maintenance and repair for ships and trawlers. Also, he is a very experienced electric engineer and boater. He is used to own several different kinds of boat, including the recent semi-displacement West Bay 58.

Whilst in many respects Bruce enjoyed his boating life with those semi-displacement hulls, he had for a long time wanted something with real long-range and sea keeping abilities. Bruce wanted a boat that could cruise thousands of miles and carry his family in comfortable and safety, but still with the luxury and stylish interior.

Bruce started to look for a yacht that can meet his requirements. He spent almost 3 years, going to boat shows, attending Trawlerfest, Rendezvous, and discussing with the dealer, Jerry Todd; he compared everything he saw and when he found the Selene 66 he knew he had found it – she was “just right”. 

Bruce is a highly involvement customer. He made 10 visiting trips to the Jet-Ten Marine’s Zhuhai shipyard. This is a record of a client that visited JTM during the construction. He enjoyed working with JTM’s CEO Howard Chen and the project manager Candy for the spec and layout, he reviewed almost every electric and plumbing diagram with JTM’s system engineers. They created a completed and fabulous design package for the workers, which is very essential for JTM’s team to create Bruce’s dream boat.

During his stays, Bruce also spent lots of time onboard his Selene-6605 with JTM’s foremen and workers. Sometimes Bruce gave them his opinions and sometimes they discussed with each other… Eventually their relationship is not only the customer and builder, but also good friends. 

Last time, Bruce’s 9th visit, he and Brad Pilz, Mike Hambelton, the customer of Selene-5924, and many of JTM’s crew, saved the boat from the superb Typhoon Hagupit right after the sea trial. They tied up Selene-6605 thouroughly and made her safe from the “Perfect Storm in China”.

Later, Bruce decided to return to JTM to have his 10th visit for the final inspection. He is very happy now and will have a “Thanks You Party” on Thursday night (October 16th, 2008). He invited JR, Candy and almost 200 JTM’s employee those involved in the building process of Selene-6605 to attend this party. He will make an appreciative speech and of course offer everyone a very delicious Chinese food dinner!

Congratulations to Bruce on getting his dream come true and wish him a safe, happy cruising on Selene-6605 with his family. We are not sure if Bruce will make his 11th visit to China JTM, but we really enjoyed to work with him and are looking forward to meeting with him again, probably with the new order for a larger boat!