“8″ in China

Dear Laura & Paul,


Thanks for your kindly letter.


Yes, "8" in China is a lucky number, which means "prosperous". Most Chinese people believe "8" will bring them "forture & luck".


It's a very good "sign" That your Selene 6214 be shipped on 2008,Aug, 8th (08/08/08), the same day as the 2008 Olympic Games of Beijing. In addition, our first Selene 57DH, Hull No: 5730, also commenced the building at 8am of 2008/08/08. We really appriciate your attendance in the New Year Eve Party of last year and enjoy the fun from the whole purchasing and building process with you. It's a very good memory for all of JTM's staff.


Please refer the attached photos of Selene 6214. She is in a excellent shape and is one of the most beautiful Selene that JTM have built.


Good Luck & Best Regards,


Howard Chen/ CEO

Jet-Tern Marine