2009 Selene Rendezvous

The 2009 Selene Rendezvous has been successfully held at Roche Harbor Resort in the beautiful San Juan Islands just north of Seattle WA. This is the 8th Rendezvous which has been sponsored by Jet-Tern Marine and Selene Seattle. I want to send out a special thank you to our vendors that contributed to this event.

The Rendezvous had wonderful attendance this year. We had 31 Selene Trawlers ranging in size from 36 to 66’. Over 100 owners and guests were present for the event.

The first day, Thursday, is typically when most of our attendees show up. This year we had an unexpected power outage. Our Seleners all pulled it together and many yachts had impromptu dinner parties on their boats thanks to the all important generator. “ Thank you Northern Lights!” .

Everyone had an enjoyable time during the Rendezvous and we all chatted with each other at the many events that were held. Friday morning started with seminars . We had the first or the two Trawler Crawls where everyone had a chance to look at all of the other yachts in attendance. Following the crawl was the very popular “docktail” party. This event was hosted by the Seacoast Finance. Thanks again to Randy and Megan who help make this event possible. This event also shows off our many talented Selene chefs. The food was great. We also had an auction that benefited the Whale Foundation.

Saturday again started off with Seminars follow by the Trawler Crawl. This day is marked with the Selene Dinner Party. We all had a wonderful time at this event hosted by Selene Seattle & Jet-Tern Marine. Several awards were given in the dinner party, including the “Most Annual Cruising Hours”…., “Most Time to Visit China during the construction” ….,”Farthest distance traveled to the Rendezvous”, Photo contest …, Gizmo Award…, & last but not least, the “Innovation Award”……

This years dinner ended with exciting news. Brian Calvert announced that he will be taking a year off starting in September to pursue one of his dreams of cruising the South Pacific. Good luck Brian! We look forward to following your journey closely over your blog postings.

We hope every will enjoy their cruising in 2009, and we are looking forward to seeing them soon.

Howard Chen

The newly set up “Innovation Award” at the 2009 Roche Harbor Selene Rendezvous is to encourage those who give thought to help improve the design of Selene Trawlers. Many people have asked Howard how he can continuously come out with so many good ideas in such a short time? In addition to his hard work, Howard actually recognizes that many good ideas come from “ Selene Owners”. Almost every Selene Owner has their own philosophy and taste for their boats. Howard welcomes this opportunity to innovate together in the building their dream boat. Even after the boat arrives, or has been used for a period of time, the Selene Owners always have many ideas to make the boat better fit their evolving needs.

So, Howard is proud to establish the “ Innovation Award” for those Selene Owners who contributed the good designs and changes….

At this years rendezvous, there were many candidates for this award. In the end it was decided that the award would go to four winners.

(1)The Foldable Mast ( Selene-5565 Dereck Riley ) … He uses a winch and a hinge with a S/S rod at back to lower down the FRP mast on the hard top. This will allow it to go 2 feet lower in order to get his Selene into the boat house. This system uses a small DC winch to lower and raise the mast and is designed to be very safe & easy. There is no need to get up on the hard top. This design is excellent for those have a height limitation in their boat house or have to deal with bridge clearances. This may even save you time so you do not have to wait for the bridge to rise.

(2)Hi-Lo Pilot Seat Base ( Selene-5359, Larry Rhodes ) … Larry owns a machine shop and is very good in the mechanical design. He first designed a battery rack in the lazarette for Howard that has now been used for many boats. This year he again went to work and modified the existing fixed S/S Selene Pilot Seat base, and made it an adjustable Hi-Lo design. Now it can be put down to match the same level as the port side L-shaped settee, so the people can talk with each other at the same level. What a wonderful design..!

(3)The Hi-lo Table Fastener, ( Selene-5319, Mike Anderson) … Some people have been concerned with the “play” of the saloon hi-lo table mechanism. Mike has designed and manufactured by himself two S/S Fasteners which can fix the table from two sides. The table is now solid and does not rattle anymore. A simple but very practical design. Want to order one..? call Mike.

(4)The relocatable 3rd Station, ( Selene-4327, John Wright )…. Some customers spend a good money to order an optional permanent 3rd or even 4th station from Howard. However, John has invented a very economical and removable 3rd station, he installed a fish rod holder at the portside front to hold up a control box as the 3rd station. There is another fish rod holder on the portside aft that makes the 4th station when the control box is moved there. A very low cost way to have multiple control stations and it is very convenient for docking in tight spaces. Yet another function for fish rod holders.

There are still many other good innovations coming from the Seleners. To appreciate those contributions, and instead of paying “patent royalties”, Howard will continue to have the “Innovation Award” at the future Selene Trawler Rendezvous.

Honorable Mention:

We also want to give a special “THANK YOU” to Bruce Jones who, during the building process, worked with JTM Zhuhai to implement many of his design innovations in Selene 6605. Bruce actually visited the factory 10 times which is a record in itself. This beautiful yacht is a beautiful example of Howard’s commitment to working with the owners to build a great yacht. Bruce Jones has said: “Each Selene has a project manager, they are young and enthusiastic, and work precisely with the customers. They treat customers warmly and follow up constantly for the whole process. There is great respect and hospitality. I enjoyed this & believe it helps the building project very much !”